Maggie Maggie, Everywhere

07 Feb

It seems Maggie Beer and I are living parallel lives. Well kinda. Well maybe. Ok, not really at all. But she seems to be everywhere I look at the moment. And that’s ok because I adore her. She reminds me of my mother, my aunty, that long-lost friend that gives great hugs.

A few years ago I went on a girls weekend to the Barossa Valley and my friends were gracious enough to let me visit Maggie’s Farm Shop. Beyond excited, I looked over every inch of that place and tried nearly everything. But here’s the best part, as I was browsing, I noticed two people sitting at a table that I was positive I knew. One was Lindey Milan – that Women’s Weekly food person. And the other was, yep you guessed it, my Maggie. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Play it cool Jen, play it cool. I’ve never played anything cool in my life. My friends thought it was hilarious that I would be so flustered by seeing her. But she was so relaxed, so cool. She asked for the waitress to bring her another short black. Too shy to ask for a photo myself, my friends did it for me. And so here I am, with my friend Maggie. (I wished I looked better but I was busy working on my post-wedding 10kg weight gain).

So besides that, I tried my hand at making fruit cheese (reminiscent of Maggie’s quince paste) for Christmas, I watched Who Do You Think You Are? on SBS the other night and Maggie was at Hill End (not far from where I live) looking for relatives. And yesterday I picked up a copy of Gardening Australia and guess who’s on the cover? Yep, my Maggie.

So here’s to you Maggie, a truly awesome person who is super super nice to weird, star struck chubby cheeks fans like me.

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