The moment you realise you’re not the only weirdo.

09 Feb

So WordPress has opened my eyes. Opened them so wide in fact I almost can’t stand it. I thought becoming addicted to my own blog was bad enough, but now I seem to be addicted to everyone else’s too.

Spending hours in front of the computer reading about other people’s lives can definitely have its drawbacks….tired eyes, lack of sleep, diminished relationships….but the unexpected benefit is that I’ve realised something. I’m not the only one….like me.

I’m not the only one with a dry, self-deprecating humour, obsessively analysing all areas of my life, dramatically over-playing seemingly quite benign events. But somehow that’s comforting.

So if you’ve ever done any of the following, we’re probably quite alike and would make very good, sometimes sarcastic friends:

  1. Laid awake at night, writing a post in your head, editing it, re-writing it and then imagining pushing the publish button only to wake up and forget everything you thought about.
  2. Stayed up until two in the morning, editing a short film you made, with visions of fame and notoriety, only to wake up and realise it was a very bad short film and you can’t believe you lost so much precious sleep over it.
  3. Go through some horrendous, embarrassing incident only to console yourself that it will make an excellent story and people will no doubt find it hilarious, tell it to all and the realise you shouldn’t have.

So bloggers, thanks for making me realise I’m not the only weirdo out there. Power to the weirdos…may they live long and slightly awkward lives.

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