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Goonies Never Say Die!!

Have you ever watched a movie so many times that you think your childhood was defined by it? Hello world, meet The Goonies!

“Listen, okay? You guys’ll never believe me. There was two cop cars, okay? And they were chasing this four-wheel deal, this real neat ORV, and there were bullets flying all over the place. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw”
“First you gotta do the truffle shuffle.”
“I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we just spread chocolate all over the floor and let Chunk eat his way through?”
“Yeah! thas whah I said, boobie twaps!”

My brothers and I watched it over and over, wishing that Mikey, Data, Mouth and Chunk were our real life friends and we were all Goonies together. I have an over-active, romanticized imagination at the best of times so this was not hard for me to do. Realising that it was probably never going to happen and that no, we wouldn’t get to hunt for “One-Eyed Willy’s” treasure, so began the seemingly endless formations of our own groups. Some of the ones I can remember were:

  • Formed a treasure hunting group with boys next door – The Skulls or The Meatheads (there is debate on the name).
  • Formed a new aged group with school friends – The Buddhas
  • Formed the ultimate rock group to worship and adore her – The Madonna Group.

Subsequently, I remember being hauled into teachers office to discuss how these groups made others feel left out and a group hierarchy made some members feel belittled. And so ended the forming of the groups.

I emphatically believe that The Goonies has truly stood the test of time. Movies of a similar vintage i.e. Robocop has not faired so well. Although it’s probably still worth watching, even if it is to wonder how we ever thought the special effects were so good.

I can still watch The Goonies with absolute pleasure. It defines all that is good about the 1980’s, my childhood and treasure hunting. Here’s to the Truffle Shuffle!! (Even Peter Griffin gets in on that action). Watch it this weekend!


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Sally Scary Face

Being 8 years old and being told by your mother you were going to get a very very special Christmas present would send any kid into meltdown. Me especially. I had visions of pound puppies, cabbage patch dolls and my little ponies. What I did not expect was a lifetime of nightmares.

Christmas morning I was woken by my mother. “I have something very special for you. She used to be mine. She was in a pretty bad way so she’s been in hospital, doll hospital. But now she’s all better and she’s going to be your doll.”

Now I hadn’t really had any experience with sick people, let alone sick dolls. And what did they do at doll hospital anyway? I kept seeing doll arms and legs all over the place. “She’s got new hair”. Whaaa? Where did her old hair go? “And its real human hair.” Oh no, this was not going to work out at all. I thanked my mother graciously. It was obviously really important to her I loved this doll as much as she did.

So that started my lifetime of unrelenting torment from Sally. She’s a 60-year-old celluloid doll. She makes the creepiest ‘mummah’ noise when you turn her onto her back. And she will walk if you hold her hand.

I’m sure I amused myself with her for the obligatory amount of time and then she went under my desk, covered by all the other stuffed toys. But still her eyes remained watchful. I swear to you, Dear Reader, that on more than one occasion, she would go from closed eyes to open eyes when no one touched her. Or in the middle of the night, I would hear the softest ‘mummah’ from underneath that desk.

Can you see the fear???

Even now, as a 32-year-old modern woman, I can not have her in my house. She lives with my mother. Sitting in a little chair all by herself. When I asked my mum if I could borrow her to take some pictures, she asked me firstly if I loved her. Um, no. And secondly, could I brush her hair for the photos. Um, no.

Right now, she’s in the spare room, at the other end of the house. I won’t lie, tonight will not be an easy sleep for me.

P.S. I did have the worst night sleep of my life last night. I woke up to unfamiliar noises. And was waiting, silently, with little gaspy breaths for her tiny plastic feet to start walking awkwardly up the hallway.  I swear she put some creepy Sally voodoo on me in my sleep. Sally – you shall return to mothers house today. 


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