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Who says everything is good in moderation?

I cannot have chocolate in my house.

It doesn’t just stay there and get nibbled at every now and then. It gets devoured in one sitting. In a ravenous flurry of the hands and the face and the licking of the lips. But this week hasn’t been that stella. In fact its been downright crumby. So I’ve been craving the sweet calming influence of over processed sugar and cocoa butter.

It was my Facebook status on Sunday night.

It was my whinging to my husband Monday night.

It was my emphatic declaration to my friend in a text that I was going to go to the shops and buy some on Tuesday.

But I didn’t do it.

Yesterday reached fever pitch in terms of choclate cravings. I needed it baaaaaad! So instead of going the sensible, small chocolate bar, restraint and moderation route. I was reduced to this. Double chocolate chip, chocolate icecream with extra chocolate. And red wine (for added indulgence).

Don’t judge me.

Pure over indulgence...


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