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And…what about me Rachel?

I generally had a pretty good time at high school.

Of course there are always always the embarrassing stories, this IS me we’re talking about. Like the time it was raining and I ran out of class to save a seat for all my peeps under the awning. And as I came around the corner I tripped on some plastic webbing, did a huge army roll (I wish it was that coordinated) and came crashing down in a crumpled heap. If that wasn’t bad enough, it was all played out in front of the ‘cool’ guys. Die. Amidst the laughing, I picked myself up, dusted the gravel from my knees (yes my pants had torn) and lamely limped over to claim my seat. Meh? It was all forgotten the next day.

So besides having the occasional disagreement with my feet (they always went in a different direction to what my brain was telling them), and saying mildly inappropriate things in public forums, I managed to be friends with pretty much everyone.

But its funny how we see ourselves back then to how others may have seen us. Take this for example. Its 8th Grade…English. Back in those days we sat at desks joined together to make a big U shape. I was at the end of a long table of girls. One of the more popular girls, Rachel (yes I remember you Rachel), sat staring at us with a bemused look on her face. Oh this was going to be good.

Rachel: “It’s funny isn’t it?” She announced loudly.

Me: “What is Rachel?”

Rachel: “Well, I’m just looking at all of you and everyone is like, beautiful in their own way aren’t they?”

What? Could this be a public compliment from Miss Rachel?

Me: “What do you mean?”

Rachel: “Well, Megan has a beautiful smile. Natalie has beautiful eyes. Kristy has beautiful hair….” she sounded off down the line for each of the girls.

She stopped when she reached me.

Me: “And….what about me Rachel?”

Silence. Paused for thought.

Rachel: “Well….you’re really funny Jen.”

Back then I felt wounded and embarrassed that I was the only one who wasn’t recognised for having beautiful physical feature. I was just considered funny. But now I’m actually grateful to Rachel. Besides her recognising a trait in me I adore in other people, she gave me excellent material for this post.

So thanks Rach…you have a beautiful way of giving backhanded compliments.


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