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Care Bear versus She-Ra!

On a recent camping trip a friend of mine gave me the nickname of “Care Bear”. He calls me that all the time

"Jen, you shoot rainbows out of your butt."

 now. Asking why I should be worthy of such a nickname, he said “you can’t be mean and you’re as friendly as a Care Bear.  You even shoot happy rainbows out of your butt.” Hmmmm.

It got me thinking though…Is this how people see me? As some fuzzy, cuddly ineffectual bear with poly cotton insides? I mean the Care Bears do live in the Care Kingdom and have a Care-O-Meter which is pretty cool. And believe me, I do care. But what else do they do? Apparently if you’re a villan going up against a Care Bear, it’s about as scary as going up against the Easter Bunny. Lame.

If I were to be a fictional cartoon character, I’d choose She-Ra in a heartbeat. She’s freakin’ awesome. I mean, she’s the Princess of Power for heaven’s sake. Care-O-Meter v Princess of Power??? Um hello??

"Stay away evil robot, I will crush you!"

She also has super-human strength, wields a sword and swims faster than is humanly possible. I know she was created in 1985 but she’s a modern woman if ever I’ve seen one. Plus, she wears a cape, awesome headdress and boots. Hells yeah girrrrrl!

So yeah, people probably do see me as a pink fluffy soft-hearted bear but inside I’m She-Ra all the way baby! Do not pit your evil robotic villan against me, they will lose.


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