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I wanna take your picture…

I want to tell you a little story. It’s about a woman I know.

This woman is a terrific mother and dedicated keeper of family history. On a big family holiday (the last shall we say before her children all ventured into the big wide world), this woman made it her mission to document every waking moment of the trip.

  • Departure lounge photo – check
  • Hotel arrival photo – check
  • Resort bungalow room by room photos – check
  • Kids by the resort name sign photo – check
  • Kids eating ice-cream photo – check

Well…you get the picture (no pun intended). By the time day two had arrived, no one much felt like saying ‘cheese’ and smiling til their cheeks hurt. But it was this woman’s prerogative to snap snap snap until her fingers bled.

By the time it came to change the roll of film (yeah, we are going back some years), the woman was shocked, appalled and horrified to realise she never put film in the camera in the first place. All those precious family memories lost. That woman is my mother.

I actually thought the whole thing was pretty funny at the time. Especially as we moaned and groaned every time she said, “now stand there and smile”. But she was completely devastated. It wasn’t until I went on a trip to America years later with my friend and ended up losing 5 rolls of film that I understood what she went through. I was totally inconsolable at the time.

So what’s with our fascination in capturing single moments in time? Well for me it has to be that I have the worst memory in the history of remembering things. So I love going back through old photographs reliving  forgotten adventures…sometimes they are a complete surprise to me. “Whaaa, did I really do that??”

I recently wrote a fantastical post about playsuits. The best part of the post was going to be moi in a playsuit circa 1998. But I couldn’t find the photo. My mother diligently helped me go through boxes and boxes of photographs trying to find the one of me posing like John Travolta in a blue pinstripe playsuit wearing my infamous roller skates. We never did find that photo…so I never ended up publishing that post. Shame, I really liked it.

It did make me realise though what a wonderful legacy my mum has left us with her years and years of happy snapping. Especially as sometimes we were less than gracious about it. So this one’s for you mama darling…thank you! xx

Here are some of the activities I have no recollection of doing.

My early start to a modelling career.

Closely followed by an equestrian career.

Which led to a stunt water ski career.

Which finally led me to a fighter pilot career with the Australian Airforce.


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I say darling, remember when?

My mother once said to me “you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been”. Oh Norma, I love you. But I guess its true. She’s been working on our family history for a few years now so I guess she wants to really know where she’s going.

These days, anything to do with my past makes me hugely sentimental. I suppose that means I’m just getting older and there is more of my past to be sentimental about. So this week, when a childhood friend of mine booked me to photograph her wedding this year, I couldn’t have been happier.

I remember being at school, around 10 yrs old when we would pair up after lunchtime, hold hands and walk back to class. An event that happened, lets just say, more than 20 years ago. (Yikes). Amber was all curly hair, long legs, gorgeous brown skin and glasses. She was beautiful and had a heart to match. She taught me the piano and we both trained her pet mouse how to walk a tightrope.

And so later this year, I get to capture a precious day when she will look amazing and be surrounded by love. I hope I do you proud my sweet. Thank you, thank you for choosing me.

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