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Because breaking up is hard to do…

I’ve been coveting my friends camera for a long time now. When we’d go off and do fun photography things I’d

My new love

stare at it longingly and wish to hold it in my little hands. Sometimes he’d let me use it and I’d marvel at the images I could capture. Then every time I picked my camera back up, it felt like the poor cousin. Poor little baby.

So this week, my new camera arrived. It felt like Christmas when I unpacked the box. And then…waiting for the battery to charge so I could play with all the buttons seemed to take forever. I’m busting to test it out properly. It feels so much heavier in my hands than my old baby and when I click the shutter, it makes this beefy ‘ka-junk’ noise. I love it.

Its going to be sad saying goodbye to my little guy…he’s helped me do some amazing things. I’ll never forget you. And remember, it’s not you, its me. (Actually, it really is you but don’t get a complex).

Remembering the good times...


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My Top 6 ‘Granny Things’ You Should Try Before You Become One

I just alienated half of my readers with this blog title. All you dudes out there are saying ‘yawn, boring’. Sorry guys…I encourage you to try as many granny things as possible too. You never know, you might love it.

My beautiful Snoopy's Nanna

  1. Get up really early on the weekend, make yourself some tea and toast and watch an english murder mystery in your pyjamas.
  2. Sew your own quilt. It doesn’t have to be fancy. But cutting up material into shapes, then sewing those shapes back together to make a different one is VERY satisfying. Addictive even.
  3. Sit out the front of your house/apartment in the afternoon, when the weather starts to turn with a rug (or your homemade quilt) on your knees and watch the world go by.
  4. Make your own jam. (I’ve covered this in Its Blackberry Hunting Season).
  5. Try to crochet something. It’s a lot easier than I was ever led to believe. And if you come across an article saying this – “Be creative, become a hooker! Beginners welcome!”, you start to believe those crazy crocheters have a wicked sense of humour.
  6. Grow something. (I really haven’t mastered this one. I even kill cacti).

If you’re lucky enough to have any of your grandparents still alive, you might want to hang out with them and pick up some other awesome tips. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. But I do remember my grandmothers to be hell raising women with many interests and talents. They are an inspiration to me. And I think their legacy lives on through me. This one’s for you nannas! Love love.

The adorable Nikki's Nanna

Note: When my brothers and I were little, we didn’t know how to tell our grandmothers apart. The easiest way we could come up with was to name them after their dogs.  One had a dog called Nikki and the other had a dog called Snoopy. Nikki’s Nanna and Snoopy’s Nanna. I’m sorry nannas….I realise now how silly this must have sounded.


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