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Ultra Mega Tantalising Hits Post!

Every single day I’m amazed at how many people are searching the big web-o-sphere for specific things. Many of those people end up at my blog because their search terms match something in my posts. So just for fun, lets look at the TOP FIVE search term hits:-

1. She-Ra

I really don’t need to say anything else. Obviously She-Ra is rad to the max. She rocks it, Princess of Power style. She is considered The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe. Boo ya! Did you know that before she transforms into She-Ra she is just really Adora? Yep, true story.

2. Care Bears

It seems many of us have super fond memories of the little cuddly, caring creatures. I never owned a Care Bear myself but have vague memories of watching the tv show.

3. Jelly

This one baffles me. Why are so many people searching for jelly? And not jelly recipes, just jelly. I’ve already voiced my disdain for jelly as a dessert option but as it’s bringing so many visitors to my blog, I may have discovered a new-found respect for the gelatine based wobbly food.

4. Anthony Michael Hall

I’ve already confessed to having a crush on this dude. He was the ‘it’ guy during the 80’s and starred in so many awesome movies. He turned from an awkward skinny nerd into a pretty hot man. Go Tony!!! (I have no idea if anyone calls him Tony but I am going to).

5. Evil Cheese

I wrote an entire post about cheese trying to kill me. It’s clear to be now that many of you have also experienced near death at the villanous hands of cheese. When will this horror stop??

I thought it was also worth mentioning some of the weirder, random search terms people use to end up at my site. So here are my top five picks:-

1. Mark Green from Choc Fever

This makes absolutely no sense to me. I searched on this myself and really didn’t get much of a result. If anyone can help me out, I’d be most appreciative.

2. Skating Nanna

LOL! I didn’t write about a skating Nanna…rather rollers skates and my Nanna. But I’d love to see a roller skating nanna fo’ shiz!

3. No-one is fooled by your addiction

I did write about being addicted to chocolate. And yeah, thanks. I know I’m not fooling anyone. But…I…just…can’t…stop!

4. Doodles of milk

I did do a doodle of milk…short milk in fact. Poor poor short milk. Right Lauren? They can’t even go on roller coaster rides. 🙂

5. Lady Photo Cows

Were they searching for lady cow photos? Or photos of a ladies on cows? Either way, I haven’t gone there and nor shall I!!


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Say my name, Jelly.

Ever had someone call you by the wrong name? Happens all the time to me. Mostly on the phone though when people mistake me for a Jan, not Jen. I solved that problem by always saying…”Its Jennifer speaking…”

Do I look like jelly?

When I was a kid I got Jenny a lot. I hated it. For a while I changed the spelling to “Jenni” because I thought it looked cooler. But it never changed the fact that it reminded me of jelly.

  1. I absolutely can’t stand the look, feel or taste of jelly; and
  2. Who wants to be likened to a big blobby, wobbly dessert? Not me.

So its either Jen or Jennifer. (Jennifer when I’m in trouble and/or on the phone).

In London I used to work with a guy that insisted on calling me Jill. He’d bring work out to me and say “Oh hi Jill, can you just type this up for me? Thanks Jill, that’s great.” Um, its Jen. Its Jen!!! Nup, for some reason I was immortally burnt into his brain as a Jill. Sheesh. In the end I thought two can play this game and started calling him Derk. His name was Derek. The thing was, he didn’t seem to mind. Maybe names aren’t really his thing. Whatever. Just don’t call me Jelly.

Here is an actual extract from my London journal dated 16 August 1999:-

What is more disturbing? That I actually thought this was worth journaling? Or that I knew exactly where to find it in my journal?

This post is dedicated to Christine. Or is that Kristy? Thanks my love. 


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