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Anti-Cocktail of the Week – Rekorderlig Winter Cider

Ok ok…don’t start screaming at the computer just yet. So I know it’s not technically a cocktail and I certainly didn’t make it with my own little Tom Cruise Cocktail hands. But it’s utterly delicious. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. I will start at the beginning.

I was lucky enough to get a four day weekend starting yesterday and I decided to drive to the big smoke and go to, wait for it, IKEA! Yay!! I love Ikea. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but whatevs. It’s a fun experience. I spent 3 hours following those arrows around the store. Thinking about the wicker chair, stockpiling napkins and pondering over an outdoor setting. It was wonderful.

When I came to the end, I even went to the Swedish Food Market and picked up some meatballs. Guess what we’re having tonight? I was also intrigued by the potato chips. Yes sir, two bags of those!

Which finally brings me to the drink of the week. Last Friday night I went to my first ever work social club drinks thingy. I’ve only worked there 5 years. It was great though and I was introduced to my drink of the week…Rekorderlig Winter Cider. The description reads… “Swedish apple cider from Vimmerby with cinnamon and vanilla.” Ah, yummy much? Indeed.

So tonight, its Swedish all the way and I’m excited. Oh which reminds me, better get those meatballs going. I’m doing them with mashed potato, lingonberry jam and cream sauce. Apparently that’s traditional. Sorry if it’s a grossly inappropriate way to really eat Swedish meatballs.

Have a great weekend!


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