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The Ultimate Placebo

It seems I have been neglecting you all. If you can believe it, its been almost 6 weeks since I’ve written a post! There has been a good reason, which I hope to share with you one day soon. However, mostly I think it has a lot to do with the Winter Blues. Its been horribly cold here with snow and sleet and rain and ice. Brrrrrrr! All that my mind and body has wanted to do has been sit by the fire and crochet. Or watch old episodes of Super Nanny. Needless to say, that doesn’t make for great post material.

My husband has had a bad case of winter doldrums too. We keep telling each other we need a holiday but we usually just say “yeah, we sure do” and then go right back to watching Jo Frost say “that behaviour is unasseptable.”

So yesterday as I sat in the long-lost sunshine reading the Sunday paper, I happened to stumble across a holiday special to Fiji. I tore it out of the paper and this morning I stuck it on the fridge. When I saw my husband I subtly winked towards the fridge. “That’s weird.” he said. “What is?” I asked. He replied “I was only thinking about going on a holiday to Fiji last night.”  Before he could finish his sentence I was already there, sitting on the beach, drinking a cocktail.

I know this is crazy but today I feel so much better. Just the idea of a holiday has picked me up and I feel like buckets of sunshine are pouring over me. because I’m not one to let a potential opportunity escape me, at lunchtime I hot footed it straight to the Travel Agents! She talked to me about all the options and I expressly told her I wanted a Beachfront Bure. She sent me away with lots of ideas and a tantalising, glossy brochure. Even having that brochure on my desk seemed to brighten my office.

So, who knows if I will ever get my beachfront room with sun-loungers overlooking the rich blue ocean. But today, it doesn’t matter. I had a little holiday in my mind. (And in that holiday, I didn’t get sunburnt).


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Don’t Fight Nature, You’ll Only Get a Black Eye.

Ding ding, round one!

A good friend send to me the other day “don’t fight nature”. She was actually referring to the plant selection for the landscaping of my front garden. You see, last year we built a new house and after all our tradies had vacated, our block roughly resembled a desolate wasteland. Besides excavating, filling, digging, destroying and an unseasonable amount of rain…our gently sloping grassy meadow was turned into a boggy, rocky outcrop. And lacking any amount of landscaping vision, it’s been a challenge to say the least.

You see, I come from a long line of very good gardeners. My Nanna definitely had an affinity with nature and grew all sorts of beautiful things from cacti to exotics to fruit trees. Her daughter (my mother) must have inherited that gene because she creates wonderful little pockets of heaven in her garden. But instead of yours truly picking up the green thumb award from the family tree, my younger brother scooped the prize. He is probably the best of them all. A Greenskeeper by trade, my mum said that anything he plants will grow like crazy. He has the goods alright.

Ding ding, round two!

So far we’ve been here a little over 8 months and in that time I’ve managed to kill a tray full of pansies, a bowl of succulents, a cactus, the rose-bush is looking woeful and one of my orchids is in serious need of therapy. We did get some turf laid but as I have mentioned, my guy spent a long time installing pop up sprinklers and its the only thing looking like its going to go the distance. So understandably, you can see my hesitation in planning an entire garden that is not only a blank canvas but that will also need continuous care from that point on.

Oh did I tell you that a friend once described me as killing a desk stapler with too much love?

Ding ding, round three!

I recently read a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. It led me astray. It consumed my mind with visions of tropical gardens filled with palms and warm climate rainforest plants. It bewitched me, it tricked me. I began to think that my front garden deserved a Tree Aloe that cost $1000, that it needed palms and ferns and birds of paradise plants. Why? I have no idea. Let’s call it zero inspiration and a great photo spread on BH&G’s behalf.

But after re-consideration and a surprise plant shopping trip from my mother who showed me the error of my ways, I’ve changed my tune. I’m going for a garden that suits my environment, that doesn’t have struggle just to put on its boxing gloves. And let’s face it, that garden has already got an uphill battle with me looking after it.

My garden is still a work in progress but I’m determined to do the right thing by it. I’m not going to fight nature.


This is roughly what I have to work with. Stay tuned to see me transform my wasteland into a garden of tranquility. Image (c)


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Chillin’ Chillin’ Minding My Bizness….

Sorry Salt n Pepa fans…this isn’t a post about the super awesome hip hop trio from the 90’s. It is about however, arguably one of the best seasons of the year – Autumn.

Truth be told, I don’t like the extreme cold or searing heat so my favourite seasons are obviously Spring and Autumn. It’s like a little bit of electricity pulsing in the air…telling your body that a big change is on the way. Lately, the disappointing summer is fading away to crisp, sunshine filled mornings. The leaves are blushing like crazy with their deep ruby redness.

All this sweet action from Mother Nature makes for a grand old-time behind the camera. I was lucky enough to get out last weekend with a friend of mine to have a bit of a play. My good friend Jason (he told me I had to mention him in one of my posts) lent me his extension tube. It turns an ordinary lens into a macro lens. Fun for all the family. So here are a couple of my macro shots.

And I wouldn’t get away without showing you a couple of shots of my husbands much beloved lawn and sprinkler system. He busted his mutton chops digging a trench to lay the pop up sprinklers. So here are some of them in action. Sprinkle that water baby!

Doesn’t make you want to curl up in front of a fire with a big glass of red? Splendid idea me!


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