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Its a pirate pants kind of day.

Ahoy there m’hearties!! What the heck are pirate pants?

Well really they’re called Thai fisherman’s pants. But someone in this house (and as there is only two of us, you can guess who that is) has nicknamed them pirate pants instead. This morning I put them on and walked out to be greeted with “how ya goin’ pirate pants?”

So why is it a pirate pants kind of day? Well, as your becoming accustomed, here is the list…

  1. They are unbelievably comfortable. And today is Saturday and I don’t have to leave the house…for anything.
  2. They allow for a lot of aeration so they’re perfect for when its warm.
  3. It is warm! Today has a tropical feel about it. The temperature is beautiful, if not a little steamy, and its threatening to storm.
  4. They are one size fits all…so no matter if I’m having a fat day or thin day, they work.
  5. They’re easy to dance in. Yep, pirate pants allow for customary “clean up the kitchen” dancing.

In case you’re still scratching your head. Here is the real 411 on them. Thanks Wikipedia…

Thai fisherman pants are lightweight unisex trousers that are made very wide in the waist, one size fits all. The additional material is wrapped around the waist and tied to form a belt. They are usually made of cotton or rayon. Although traditionally used by fishermen in Thailand, they have become popular among others for casual, beach, and exercise wear as well as for backpackers and pregnancy.

An unexpected bonus from writing this post is that I found a pattern to make my own pirate pants! Stay tuned for that friends.



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