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When you realise you have a super power.

I mean, I guess there have been signs. But I’ve never really put it all together. Not until recently anyway. So before you’re all like “yeah girrllll, you really are She-Ra!” Let me assure you, I only possess ONE super power and its less She-Ra and more like the character Bruce Willis played in the movie Unbreakable. All undercover and subtle.

Here are the signs:-

  • I’m a chronic light sleeper. So light in fact that I sense someone in the room before they enter the room. I need to wear ear plugs, not only to block out my husbands snoring but also the sound of yapping dogs miles away. I once completely believed that there was a kangaroo outside my bedroom window which would not stop its incessant ‘chet chet chet’ noises. It kept me up for 3 nights.
  • My ears reject bud-like ear phones. They just will not stay in there.
  • I constantly have to ask my husband to turn down the tv and/or radio. He says he cannot hear it but I claim that it’s at a very comfortable level, thank you very much. And who needs to hear the latest news bulletin with window shattering decibel anyway?
  • I’m a big believer in subtle background music rather than a “in your face” volume. If I have to raise my voice so you can hear me over the music, why am I even bothering to talk to you.
  • You can’t mutter something under your breath about me. I know what you just said, even if I pretend I don’t so you keep saying it.

If you haven’t already guessed…I believe I’m in the possession of super sonic hearing powers.You can call me Super Phonic Girl. I shall defend you with all the power that I have.

I’m in need of a catch phrase of which I shall shout at my assailants with every victory. Suggestions welcome. And if anyone wants to make me a superhero outfit, I respond well to primary colours!

There are more out there like me. Although, this Super Hero guy seems rather upset that his super hearing has resulted in what look like handless arms protruding from his head.


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