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Liberty Bell, another Liberty Bell…

“One more and I’m a millionaire. Come on, Liberty Bell, please, please, please, please, please, please!”

Oh Homer, I know your pain. My workmates and I have a lottery syndicate going at the moment and every day we say the mantra…. “we neeeeed to win lotto.” In some weird way it provides me comfort knowing that if I keep playing the odds, maybe the odds will reward me for my patience. On the other hand, I am probably just being a world class chump.

I’ve had incredibly detailed, vivid hullucinations of what I’d do with all that money if I did win. Right down to little gift bags I’d give my loved ones as they were secretly whisked to remote locations for a surprise holiday. (Don’t you want to be my friend if I win??)

Once I almost did win. I was working next door to a newsagent and had bought myself one of those overly complicated scratchie tickets. I think it was a monopoly one. So you had to to scratch the dice and then move that many spaces. Over and over I did this until it revealed that I had won….$50,000.

I can tell you that you can pretty much spend $50,000 in roughly 3.6 seconds. Well I did anyway. I was throwing a wild party, paying off my debts and buying a new wardrobe. The newsagent was just about to close so I jumped up, ran over to some co-workers waving the ticket in their faces, breathlessly mumbling about winning $50k. I had wild eyes. Wild, wild eyes.

Bursting through the newsagents doors I exclaimed “I think I’ve just won $50,000 on a scratchie!!”. The owner looked skeptical. He ran the ticket through the little machine and my heart stopped. The machine made that “no, you’re a loser” sound and my dreams were shattered.

The moral of that story is…don’t tell anyone you think you’ve won anything. The entire next day I was approached by co-workers saying “Jen, I heard you won some money yesterday!!”. I had to sheepishly admit to them I’d made a mistake. Albeit a very dramtic one.

I could give up all of my lotto winning dreams. However, my friend once said, if you stop dreaming, you die. I plan on living for a while yet… so come on Liberty Bell!!!!


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